Hey You There, Reading This. Here's How It Works

Good. Got your attention. Now come into my corner for a minute. I want to tell you a secret about Web 2.0.

It's about conversation.

Between you and me. Between you and other bloggers on this blog. Between you and others in social networks like Small Business Online Community, LinkedIn or e-WomenNetwork. Web 2.0 tools, like blogs, social networking sites, even video or photo sharing sites, are about real and person-to-person communications. In this case, really just you and me. If we were standing in an elevator and I asked you a question, I doubt you would ignore me. You'd respond. If you're willing, it can be the same here. Yes, it's easier to skip the response because you can't see me. You can "lurk," read but not participate. But it's the interaction that makes this real, and not just another elevator ride.

So speak in your own voice by adding a comment.

It doesn't matter if you don't have something profound to say at first. Maybe it's just, "Didn't know this. Thanks for the tip."  Whatever. But become part of the conversation.

And if you like the topic, the comments, come back, because the bloggers, the social network members, and I will respond. Or better yet, subscribe to the conversation by email. Click that big orange button in the upper right of this blog that says Subscribe (free) by email. Or in a feed reader (Here's how a feed reader works.) And guess what?

By commenting on blogs in your industry or subject area, you can build your reputation. You can share your expertise, which indirectly promotes your business.  That's the power of Web 2.0. Now I'm going to make it easy to start, to exercise your Web 2.0 muscles.

Please just click the "Leave a Comment" link below and talk to me. Did you know you could do this? At least say "I'm joining the conversation," and add your name and business. - Peg Corwin, SCORE Chicago More posts by Peg

Peg Corwin



[...] Hey You There, Reading

[...] Hey You There, Reading This. Here’s How It Works, about sharing your opinion on a blog, becoming part of the conversation. [...]

People used to say that

People used to say that nobody would like to pay to read a blog or a message. This is true. But there is actually one more sentence which should follow the previous one. That nobody is willing to pay is because Web 2.0 itself has not really produced anything that is worth of being purchased! Again, it tells the main limitation of Web 2.0.

[...] Related post: Hey You

[...] Related post: Hey You There, Reading This. Here’s How It Works, about sharing your opinion on a blog, becoming part of the [...]

Hello ladies! I love how this

Hello ladies! I love how this blog was so thoroughly organized and detailed. I think it provided a lot of useful information on social networks and blogging. In fact, I myself have some pointers that might also be useful. I just recently joined this website called savorthesuccess.com The website is a great social network for female business owners to learn the different tricks and trade of entrepreneurship and how to be successful in whatever dream business they pursue. Savorthesuccess has really helped me market my business and gain a better insight on social networking. Membership is completely free, and the help provided is priceless.

Bill, Thanks for your


Thanks for your support of our blogging and this new way of sharing information.


Your blog is very well done

Your blog is very well done and very timely. I just read a syndicated newspaper article by Kathleen Parker entitled “Blogsphere transforms Americans into gossips.” She goes on to degrade bloggers as “nosy little old ladies who can’t leave each other alone…” Yet, she is part of the old media that is very controlled by a few corporations, and has shown so many different biases, under the guise of truth, that it has become shameful. She has the right to her opinion, but to degrade bloggers because they say what the say, and are not part of her very controlled profit seeking media is just an indication of her arrogance.

Your simple blog, represents the wave of the future. You educated your readers on something valuable to them that they could use, and you did it your way without editors, publishers, screeners, and auditors. You just wrote and gave. Thank you!

Hopefully many people will take up blogging because of your blog, so we will reduce our use of the old media even more than we have so far. More true unfiltered information and knowledge will be passed along through blogging than has ever been done through the old media.

Thank you, Peg and Betty, for

Thank you, Peg and Betty, for not only taking the time to blog on SCORE's Women's Blog but to also take the time to address our comments.

I am at the beginning stages of my business and I am thankful that my husband found this site. Something that began with a request has been growing and I look forward to the future.



Hi, Peg: how lucky SCORE

Hi, Peg: how lucky SCORE Chicago is to have you are a counselor, but how much luckier are we to have you as a woman SCORE blogger. You links and web 2.0 advice are crucial for small business and I am learning a great deal.

Chris, Thanks for taking the


Thanks for taking the time to make a comment.

You can find a counselor to help you for free either locally or by email on www.score.org. One great woman counselor in Chicago has helped a local business set up a dog sitting business. I have no idea where you are located, and she usually does face to face counseling only, but if you'd like, I could check to see if she might help you by phone.

Here's a post I wrote about an intro to Blogging for Small Biz

In any case, best wishes in your new venture. Peg

Dian, What a nice thank-you


What a nice thank-you comment. Congratulations on taking the initiative to reach out, to speak to all of us.

Best wishes in your new venture. Peg

Carla, Thanks much for


Thanks much for making a comment on my blog post. Not sure I'm the best on this blog at keeping it short and sweet. I'm an ex-librarian and I can't help giving people links the same way I used to suggest references and books.

Very artsy website you have, with some great looking pots. And your photographer is super. (For those reading this comment, you can see the website of anyone posting a comment by clicking on their name.)

I'm doing a series of Web 2.0 How To posts on my own blog.
You might want to subscribe to this new series if you're interested in all the new bells and whistles of Web 2.0.

Tania, What a lovely


What a lovely blog/website. My sister is a master naturalist and master gardener, and she is taking painting lessons, so I sent her the link for inspiration.

Here is a good link for focusing and promoting your own blog.
And another series of blogging tips: http://www.doshdosh.com/category/blogging-tip/\

Best of luck, and please stop back to the Women's Success Blog and tell me how its going. Peg

Lynda, Here's an explanation


Here's an explanation of Web 2.0, from a recent post on my own blog: “Web 2.0 is a business revolution in the computer industry caused by the move to the Internet as platform, and an attempt to understand the rules for success on that new platform.”
On the blog with that post, I'm doing a series of How-To posts on all the new techniques shown in the diagram.

Check this link for my quick explanation of blogging, http://pegcorwin.com/2008/08/blogging-intro-videos-and-links/

You haven't told me what your business or product is, so if you give me more information, either I can counsel you or I can find someone who is better qualified than I to help. When you make a comment on a blog, it's OK to name your business and add your URL or website address.

Thanks for taking the time to comment.


Marti, Welcome to the Web


Welcome to the Web 2.0 world. I stopped by your very professional looking website. You might want to read the link above on Rethinking Blog Comments, because intelligent comments on local blogs could certainly increase your reputation and possibly bring you business.

I suspect you could also benefit from being active in online business forums and social networks like LinkedIn. I see you are already a member of the latter, but you may not yet have tried using its Answers section. You can choose an area of expertise and respond to questions posed by group members, thereby building your reputation as a Expert.

You might also want to check out my blog Web 2.0 Marketing for Small Biz, www.pegcorwin.com.

Again, thanks for making a comment. Peg

I thank God for allowing me

I thank God for allowing me to stumble across your site. I am very seriously considering starting a homebased business and realize that I am going to require a whole lot of knowledgeable "hand-holding". Your site looks like the perfect fit for me. I look forward to joining in with other women like me and to making my dream of successfully running a business of my own a sweet reality. Again, thanks so very much for being a source for good information and inspiration.

Hi This is all a learning

Hi This is all a learning exp for me..as everything is. I have just started a petsitting service ,Critter Tenders ,and have lots to learn about start-up and finance. I can tend critters but need help in lots of areas
I have no experience with blogs and am hoping I can learn a variety of things here

Hiya, Love your content.

Hiya, Love your content. Just got back from "Marketing on the Internet" class at my local SCORE facility here in Atlanta and learned a ton. We talked about a lot of Web 2.0 stuff, and I love how your blog serves as an example of a business blog that stays on topic, speaks the language of the audience, and keeps it short and sweet.

I subscribe to your blog with my Google Reader, thanks for all the helpful info.

Thank you, Peg. I have a

Thank you, Peg. I have a whole stack of SCORE's "Women's Success Blog" to browse. Thank you for the links. I hope to turn things around on my own blog.

My name is Tania Marien and my business is ArtPlantae, a gathering place for artists, gardeners, and naturalists.

What is Web 2.0? I'm very

What is Web 2.0? I'm very interested in learning more... I'm starting a business and want to do everything I can to be cutting edge... .I don't understand blogs yet... I'm designing my web site and want to incorporate this... I do lots of petition signing and belong to recycling and news groups... how do I transform this into my business?

Thanks for this gracious and

Thanks for this gracious and polite kick in the seat! I read these blogs and sometimes print them to refer to the content at a later time, but rarely comment. So, here I am--Marti Benjamin, a Professional Certified Coach, working with small business owners to get more back from their business and I'd love to know more about building online community in Business 2.0.

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