Life Balance: Catch It Before It Falls to the Floor

I've just watched a video in Stanford's E-Corner where Carol Bartz of Autodesk talks about balancing life and career.

Carol's advice? Don't expect short-term balance.  She reminds us busy women that there is always see-sawing, that perfect balance is not sustainable in the short term.

"Just catch it before it falls to the floor" she advises.  If you're conscious that you've ignored one aspect -- your mother, your flowers, whatever, "just go do some of it."  If you've neglected your professional literature, sit in a room with the door closed for a half hour and read.

In the long-term, balance is important. Carol urges us to aim for a healthy mix between work and life over the longer run.  This clearly requires setting priorities and regular planning:  Sundays with the kids and no email.  Tuesday afternoons for followup calls to propects.  Improve order processing by January 1st. Listen to Carol Bartz' entire 43 minute interview, or see short videoclips of its segments, organized by topic, such as Managing a Balanced Life.   In the Stanford E-corner, you'll find more video and audio interviews with many big names, like Carly Fiorina, formerly of HP, and Marissa Meyer of Google.   Men too, of course.

What do you think about short- and long-term balance? Share with me in a post, please. -Peg Corwin, SCORE Chicago View more posts by Peg

Peg Corwin


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Wonderful post, as always

Wonderful post, as always Peg. Lisa you are absolutely right. Balance is a continued infinite quest throughout one's life which is defined and maintained based on your own principles and values and how your actions align to them.

Peg, I just ran across your

Peg, I just ran across your blog for the first time, and this subject is near and dear to my heart and my business.

My take is that we can tolerate a high level of busyness as long our doing is aligned with what we value and with the vision we hold for ourselves. Things "hit the ground" when it feels like all we're doing is checking things off from our to-do lists.

Ultimately, balance isn't some perfect thing we're seeking, but a continuum... always asking, "Is this action aligned with what I value and what I want in my life?"

2 cents. Nice to find you.

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