Web Marketing: 4 Questions for Every Home Page

Krug cautions that your home page must unambiguously convey your business:

"If it's not clear to me what I'm looking at in the first few seconds, interpreting everything else on the page is harder, and the chances are greater that I'll misinterpret something and get frustrated."

When I wrote an article on the above baker-educator-chef, I had to call and ask about their services. You don't want your prospects to work that hard. If I visit the home page on your website today, will I find words I understand about your product or service? Will I grasp your niche? If you're inspired to put your home page to the four-question test, have someone outside your organization answer those questions about your page. Then please come back and let me know what you learned in a comment. Peg Corwin, SCORE Chicago More posts by Peg

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