Marketing: What Does Your Email Address Say About Your Business?

In a recent post, I discussed how the paper and design you choose for your business card can affect the perception people have of your abilities and your business. Your email address does too. As I network at different business functions and exchange cards, I'm no longer amazed at the variety. Why would you promote someone else's business instead of yours? I'm talking about,,, etc.

It's so inexpensive and easy to register a domain which comes with at least one free email account. Then use that opportunity to put up at least one Webpage (not one that says Under Construction!) or a blog. Establishing an email address with instead of someone else's makes you appear more stable, reliable, and professional.

Something else that makes me shake my head are email addresses such as,, Everything you put forth in your business should be about business, look like business, and act like business. Why would you do anything else but that? What image do you want to project? Are you on target? If not, what are you waiting on? -Peggy Duncan, SCORE Atlanta   View more posts by Peggy

Peggy Duncan


Thanks for advise marti

Thanks for advise marti

Hi, Peggy: I just read your

Hi, Peggy: I just read your advice regarding the address on cards and realized how true your comment are regarding outward appearances.
At SCORE I received many cards that were obviously printed on a computer. Not a good choice. Your comment on the quality of the card speaks volumes. You are right on!

Hi Stacey, yes, do not

Hi Stacey, yes, do not hyperlink it unless it's on a secure page (https://). If the spambots can get to it, it's over.

Marti, thanks for the idea

Marti, thanks for the idea about capitalizing the name. That's a great idea.

And, Peggy, by "clickable," do you mean we should not hyperlink it?

Lastly, I recently received an email from my logo designer for payment of his bill. He wrote from a gmail account. I immediately grew suspicious, and he IS someone I've done business with. However, the first thing that came to mind was that someone intercepted our communication . . . So I wrote him at his company address and he said it was him, but provided a more official looking address for me to transact with.

No matter how you try to dress up the name, the minute you say "at yahoo" or its equivalent, you immediately look dubious and undeveloped and you never want to look that way, even if you started your business yesterday.

Hi Marti, first...never put

Hi Marti, first...never put your clickable email address on the Web, especially in a forum. The spambots run around looking for the @ symbol and they'll grab it. I always spell out the word "at' when I'm putting my email address on the Web, including when it's inside a PDF. I'm going to see if we can change your comment.

You are so right about the Web designer...move on.

And the way you write your email address is how I do it on everything...not just my business card.

I know a website designer

I know a website designer whose email is "hername at" and that leaves me questioning how she could possibly help me generate traffic for my website (a service she promotes) when she hasn't obtained a domain name for her own business. Or, at least her own name.

Another suggestion for making your business name stand out on your business card: capitalize your business name on your email address on your business card to make it easier for others to read. The next printing of my business cards will show my email address as "marti at" so it's easy to read the business name.

Truer words have never been

Truer words have never been spoken, Peggy! It amazes me that some folks are still missing the boat!

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