Technology: If Your Business Burned Down Today, Could You Recover Your Files?

September is National Preparedness Month so use this as a reason to set up systems that will protect your data from disaster. It could be something as simple as a computer crash (as mine did recently), or as drastic as a fire or flood. If anything ever happens and you have to recover data, make it as painless as possible. To simplify offsite/online storage, use an online media vault such as or (I prefer Mozy because their tech support is 24/7/365. Both are free to inexpensive. This technology backs up designated files to an online vault every day as they change on my computer. And both services keep my files organized exactly the way I have them on my computer...I'm anal about this.)


My external hard drive also provides automatic backups. And I have my most-used files saved on a 4GB thumb drive for easy access when I'm offline and traveling.

In addition to having the means to automatically back up your data, you should also know which files to back up. Next week's post will go into more details about this. So go ahead and research which service fits your needs and get this done today! - Peggy Duncan

Peggy Duncan


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