Life Balance: De-Stress for Business Success

The stress of starting and growing a business can take its toll on you and those around you. That's why it's important to take care of yourself – your company’s most valuable asset. Stress is the number one cause of illness in our country. Learning how to manage your stress level is not only a smart decision, but it's also critically important for your business success.

When you are stressed out and feeling overwhelmed, it’s impossible to be at the top of your game.  Most likely, your productivity level will drop and the quality of your work may suffer.  Your judgment and decision making can become impaired. Certainly, emotions bubble to the surface more easily.  Of course, long-term stress can cause serious, even life-threatening, medical problems.  Then what good will you be to your business?  Be realistic about what you expect of yourself and don't over commit. Learn to say "no" and really mean it. 

Women, including me, have a tendency to take on the world.  When you realize you’re not superwoman and you can’t do it all then your opportunity to succeed is enhanced.  There are only 24 hours in every day and no one, not even you, can change that.  Manage your time wisely so the hours you spend building and growing your business are productive and profitable.  Carve out personal time to energize your mind and your body.  You understand the importance of taking care of your business assets so make it a priority to take care of the most important one – you.   -Susan Wilson Solovic, guest blogger

Susan Solovic
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You hit the nail on the head

You hit the nail on the head when you say learn to say no. We do tend to spread ourselves thin, especially when it comes to running your own business successfully because our commitment is to ourselves, not to a boss or company. I think we start to perceive more business as more money and hence more success. This is generally the rule of thumb but you break even when you pay the high price of quality life and good health.

I have found maintaining

I have found maintaining balance while trying to set up a business from home to be more challenging than I imagined. It is easy to work long into the night, when you don't have to physically leave a building, but this is not necessarily a healthy way to go.

Thank you for writing about

Thank you for writing about this, I couldn't agree more. We live in a world where it seems taking time off is a weakness, and doing more equals success. I know from personal and professional experience this is not true and in reality, doing more = burnout. This is exactly what I specialize in as a small business owner - helping women manage stress for success personally and professionally. Because I've been there, I have a real passion for sharing information and helping others manage their health. And as you point out, no one can be effective or successful without that.

We have to replenish our own energy so we can continue giving in all areas of our lives.

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