Marketing: What is a Podcast Anyway?

To Podcast or Not to Podcast - What is a Podcast Anyway?

What do you think about podcasts as a way to market my business?

As the CEO of an online media company, I get asked that question a lot. First, let me explain what a podcast is.

A podcast is a recorded audio file in an mp3 format which contains your content. Your listeners can listen to it on demand from your web site or download for future listening at their convenience. Generally, podcasts can be a powerful and affordable means of communicating your message; however, as with any marketing strategy you need to create a plan with measurable goals and objectives.

In order to be effective with podcasts as a marketing tool, you need to commit to a consistent schedule. Decide whether you want to produce a weekly, monthly or quarterly program and then stick with it. You can’t be sporadic, consistency is critical. Like any other form of communication in your business, podcasts need to be done professionally. Make sure your audio is of good quality and your content is valuable. Your podcast should never be a commercial, but rather it should contain information that establishes you and your business as an expert resource for information.

Each program must be well-organized and compelling to create a loyal audience. A podcast should be short. Keep your programs to between 5 and 10 minutes. If you want to cover a number of issues within a particular topic, turn it into a series with various parts.

Using technology for the sake of technology alone is never the right answer. But taking advantage of technology as part of an integrated marketing plan can create a competitive advantage for your business. 

Susan Solovic
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I have been using this means

I have been using this means of marketing for my businesss Candles By Victoria for sometime with much success.

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