Customer Service: How to Keep Customers Loyal to Your Biz

Think about the places you frequent and determine why you keep going back? It can be as simple as the shop owner knows your name and acknowledges you every time you go. Being friendly or giving personalized attention always pays off. Giving a customer extra time or something that is not expected goes a long way. All the little things that we remember when we do business with the people that we like. It does not take a lot of effort and should be your mission to always exceed customers’ expectations.

5 Important Tips to Remember

1. Give your customers a reason to come again

2. Thank them for their business every time they come

3. Offer incentives, perks, and discounts for loyalty and referring new customers.

4. When a customer is a good customer think of ways to offer a special discount or give an added value gift.

5. Always think of new ways to attract customers and keep them coming back makes your business more profitable.

People do Business with People They Like

They frequent businesses that are easy to do business with; customers expect good quality, service and value. Always educate your customers about your products, explain features and benefits to the customer and give a guarantee. Always remember without customers there is no business so always nurture those relationships and go above and beyond what is expected.

Julie Brander
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Brian thank you for your

thank you for your comment .... you are right being genuine is extremely important
Good luck

I have a small service

I have a small service business, and I agree that people do use you if they like you. I am just naturally friendly, and I hear people say their friends recommended me because I did a good job and I was very nice. However, you have to genuine because people see right through you if you try to fake it. Brian

Ally: Great thinking. Keep

Ally: Great thinking. Keep people coming back and build a relationship. Check out SCORE freebies at, free download.

"1. Give your customers a

"1. Give your customers a reason to come again"
That's the most important thing in my opinion. I'll never stick around, or come back to website where I find nothing interesting at all.
Always "pitch" for the customers, freebies or great content is a keeper!

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