Human Resources: Small Business Employees are Important

Don’t Underestimate the Importance of Your Employees.

florist_red_flowers1. Employees can drive and build the company, always empower them and pay them well.  Hire leaders that can create synergy in the company.  People that are creative, innovative and have skills that you do not have. 2. Employees with prior experience and expertise will always be more productive and add value to the business.  Productivity is essential to the success of any business. 3. When an employee is no longer productive and stops performing at peak level, never hesitate to replace them.  The next hire will be much better and you will learn how essential training is. 4. Motivate employees with incentives as much as possible. 5. Praise, Praise and give more praise…it costs nothing to do and makes people feel good.
Julie Brander
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Employees are vital to the

Employees are vital to the success of a business and that's why the most important step is the hiring process. Many business owners spend less time matching an prospective employee's talent to the requirements of the position than they do finding the right ink cartridge for their printer.

Experience and expertise are important but do not ensure productivity; that's the realm of fit between how an employee is naturally motivated and the work. A great technician can cost a company a lot of money if s/he is impossible for others to work with and leaves havoc in his/her wake.

Start by defining what makes a super-star in the position for which you are recruiting and then look for a match on the qualities like motivation, approach to work, preference for people vs. data vs. things, reasoning style and need for change. A mismatch in these areas will compromise the selection and cost the company, the owner and the new employee in the long-run.

There's a wise saying: Hire slowly, fire fast. If you invest the time and thought in the hiring process, the firing is less likely.

Marti Benjamin, MBA, PCC
Business Energetix--Success Coaching

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