Planning: The 30- 60- 90-Day Plan

As an entrepreneur, there are moments and days where the list is overwhelming of what needs to be done to drive cashflow and growth. A tool I use successfully to stay on course is a 30-60-90 one page tool. Simply put, it is:

  1. the top 3 areas that I need to get results
  2. the top 2-3 actions to the area
  3. who around me is on point
  4. when does the action need to be completed within the next 90 days


Action Area



Draft New Campaign

Marketing Director

30 Days

Create Blog


90 Days

Implement Adwords

Marketing Coordinator

60 Days

As a CEO, the first year is heavily focused on: building revenue, building the team or partners, and closing investors or building cash from a second source. In a tough economic environment, such as in 2008, I have had quarters that I am raising capital externally and quarters that I am building a second channel of sales. Bottom line, whether handwritten or typed, this is my clear plan. And, my key players are on point with me to drive these results. As an early stage company, you cannot execute every idea, but you must execute the key actions. Lisbeth McNabb, Guest Blogger View more posts by SCORE’s Guest Bloggers

Lisbeth McNabb


When people tell me that I am

When people tell me that I am crazy for opening my business in this 'economy', I remember that I am not included in this phantom, this tyrany of trends, called 'THE ECONOMY' (echo, echo echo). I also remember that I cannot get rich (or poor) from counting my neighbor's wealth or lack there of. So, GO FOR IT! If you can see it in your mind's eye, believe it with your heart, and plan some, then just do it! Congratulations in advance...many blessings of fortune!

why not start online and then

why not start online and then expand to traditional retail?

I finally have the start up

I finally have the start up money I need to lease a storefront for my custom gift business. It's a small amount, but enough to get me into the store. However, I am currently working full time, I have regular bills and living month to month with my full paycheck. My family and friends tell me I'm CRAZY to try and start a business in this economy. I think if I can get into a store by July I will have a successful Christmas gift season which will jump start our finances. It's a custom gift business, we make shadow boxes, memory quilts, customized gift baskets, etc. There is an antique shop going out of business because of illness downtown and across the street from the city Chamber. I need to know if anyone agrees with me.

Thanks so much for the visual

Thanks so much for the visual layout of your plan.

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