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Twitter Emoticons and Questions For Business Intelligence & Prospects

Identify negative tweets about your company and questions in your niche on Twitter to beef up your business intelligence and find new prospects. This is the third of a three-part Twitter research tutorial, in pictures. I've created screen shots that relate to my nonprofit, SCORE Chicago, to use as examples.  SCORE, "Counselors to America's Small Business," offers free business counseling and inexpensive business workshops to entrepreneurs and small business owners.  One of our most important keyword phrases is "business plan Chicago."

Tracking Emotion and Opinion on Twitter

Emoticons like  :)  and :(  have moved from email and texting to Twitter. If users add them to their tweets about your brand or business, you can narrow your search to tweets with positive or negative feelings. Here are people unhappy about their business plan....

business plan - negative sentiment

Of course, you can also locate tweets with a question mark, which might be a prospect in need of your product or service... business plan question on Twitter 

Business Intelligence

What do you observe in the above screenshot?  You see potential clients and prospects in pain over business plans.  You see people with emotions and feelings around our brand. If you're locally-focused, like we are, find out how to use Twitter search to find people near you expressing these emotions about your brand. Want to get fancier about tracking behavior, sentiment and opinion? Learn about 7 Twitter Tools in Tweeting by The Numbers.

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Peg Corwin


Honestly, I had no idea how

Honestly, I had no idea how to use Twitter for social media marketing. But I learned after I read your article. This way, clients for a certain niche are easily searched for. This is very helpful thank you very much.

SEO Indonesia and Jason, I

SEO Indonesia and Jason,

I certainly agree that there is lots of spam in social media. But if you search, target and filter, there is value too. I think it's a tool that can be used responsibly or not.


i agree with jason,.the

i agree with jason,.the social networking site is the way of sending more spam.

Social networking sites are

Social networking sites are just another way of sending spam. In my opinion such sites will grow to enormous size and become the largest companies (except biggest search engines). Soon services like Facebook and Twitter will be big enough to take over smaller companies like Skype or maybe even something not connected directly to internet marketing, like DHL.

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