Organization: Is Voice Mail a Waste of Time?

Worth While Voice Mailing Techniques

Sometimes trying to connect with a real human is like playing a game of “tag, you’re it.” Have you had the same experience?

You can't call anyone these days and not get voice mail, it's so common. I happen to love it and think it can work really well. The problem is that many people use it as a message dump instead of the effective communication tool it can be.

All too often, people leave messages like, “Hello, this is [name] please give me a call. My number is xxx-xxxx.” Calling them back is inefficient for two reasons. You may not be prepared for the call or you may get their voice mail.

A better way to leave a voice mail is to leave your name and contact information and the reason why you’re calling such as, “Hello, this is [your name] at xxx-xxxx. I wanted to confirm our lunch date on X day at X time. No need to call me back if you can make it. If we do need to reschedule, please call me with an alternate date and time.”

See the difference? The second method saves both people time. Think about that the next time you leave someone a voice mail. Make it worth your time and theirs.

Denise O'Berry


And how about adding some

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Jeff Page

It is definitely an effective

It is definitely an effective tool if used properly by both parties. Thanks for adding your thoughts -- glad to hear there are actually courses on this!

Yes! I teach a business

Yes! I teach a business etiquette class and make this point in my course--it's inconsiderate and unprofessional to leave a message that places a burden of time on the recipient. The professional leaves a message that includes enough information for the recipient to understand the purpose of the call and to discern what action is needed.

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