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Learn to Juggle Family and Work During the Holidays

It’s the time of year when personal and family obligations start surging for most of us. But while the holiday hubbub is reaching its peak, your business’s deadlines might be, too.

How can you make time to take some much-needed R&R during the holiday season? Time off for entrepreneurs may seem as mythical as Santa Claus, but here are some tips for making it work.

Take advantage of the season. Of course, if you’re a retailer, you’re not going to get a vacation right now. But if you work with other businesses, the government or big corporations as clients, you may be in luck. Many places slow down or even shut down during late December-early January. If your clients do, take advantage of the opportunity to take a break.

Think small. You might not be able to take a week—or even a weekend—away from your business. So grab your time off where you can. That might mean a long lunch to pick up some gifts for your family, or knocking off early one afternoon to do something fun just for you.

Use technology. You probably already use mobile devices like smartphones and laptops to stay in touch with the office. Take it to the next step with cloud computing. Cloud computing means your company’s data is stored on the Internet and you can access it anywhere. Whether you’re at home, at your relative’s house or on the road, you can work whenever you need to. It’s easier to take time off if you know you’re not completely disconnected.

Delegate. Employees are often capable of more than you think—and many of us work too long because we think we’re the “only one” who can handle a given task. Train your key employees to handle some of these issues. You’ll gain the flexibility to take a break when you need to; they’ll gain skills and new confidence.

Need more advice on ways to streamline your business so you can take a break? The counselors at SCORE can help.

Rieva Lesonsky
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Work and life seem to be

Work and life seem to be blended more and more these days (e.g., your mention of cloud computing), so I think it's important to love what we do. On the other hand, there is no replacement for relaxation or time with family! Let's all toast to plenty of both this holiday season!

Managing Editor
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