Customer Service: How Effective Are You?

Are You Effectively Servicing Your Customers?

SERVICING YOUR EXTERNAL AND INTERNAL CUSTOMERS When you are servicing your customers are you continually and consistently focusing on exceeding the customer’s expectations, when selling or introducing your product or service, to your target audience, both internally and externally?  This is actually the simplified meaning of customer service. Your customers are not only someone that either works for you or purchase your products or services but they need to know and understand that you sincerely care about their needs.  Here are some tips in helping to exceed your customer’s expectations:
  • Put Your Customers First
  • Let Your Smile Radiate Through The Phone Letting The Customer Hear Your Heart of Compassion
  • Watch The Tone Of Your Voice
  • Let Your Smile And Eyes Radiate During Face-To-Face Interactions To Connect With Your Customer
  • Pay Attention To Non-Verbal Communication
  • Listen, Not Only Hear Your Customer’s Needs
  • Practice Active Listening
  • Listen With Your Whole Body
  • Reiterate Or Summarize Your Customer’s Needs
  • Don’t Be Too Busy To Return Calls & Emails To Your Customers Within 24 Hours
  • Build A Relationship With Your Customer, By Getting To Know Them Personally
  • Make long lasting business relationships
  • Create Partnership With Your Customers To Establish How You Can Work Together And Build Your Supply Chain Efforts
Quality customer service has become a thing of the past, once you begin perfecting and putting into practice these principles, you can begin garnering repeat business, minimize difficult customer behavior, anticipate customer needs, effectively deal with a multitude of customers and make a good first impression allowing your company to be ahead of the competition. Another source that speaks volumes for you are customer surveys.  Customer surveys provide your company with a wealth of information about your product or services from   recommendations to improvement suggestions to testimonials to how does your company compare with the competition.  Additionally, the surveys inform you about the quality of service that you offer to your customers.  Do you think that you exceed the expectations of your external and internal customers?  Ask them. Vernita Naylor, Ft. Worth SCORE View posts by Vernita Naylor
Vernita Naylor


Thanks for the great ideas

Thanks for the great ideas Vernita. I especially like the idea of listening to customers and building relationships. When we listen to customers we're actually showing them that they matter and that we are there for them. Listening also helps us gather more information. Building relationships is valuable because if our clients genuinely care about what we do they will be more likely to tell others. It also feels better to treat people in a kind and caring manner.

I believe that listening is

I believe that listening is one of the most important things to do when we are with a client. The 80/20 rule. Listen 80% of the time, talking 20%.

A great list to remember and

A great list to remember and use. We want our customers to be happy. And I think a can help/can do attitude definitely helps. We're going to print this out and make sure we're at the top of our customer service game.

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