3 Tips on Juggling the Stresses of a Busy Life

In the SCORE webinar “6 Tips to Help You Juggle the Stresses of a Busy Life” Nicole Hayes, VP of Operations for North America Regus Management Group, shares tips on how a small business owner can manage the stresses of maintaining a healthy work/life balance. Nicole says finding the right balance of managing a busy workload and family duties can be tough because, "balance takes work."

Throughout the webinar, Nicole shares personable and relatable stories on how to achieve a more balanced life.

Below are 3 of the 6 tips Nicole shares to help juggle the stresses of a busy life.

1. Understand Your Priorities

At the beginning of the webinar, Nicole asks a very important question. “If you do not know your priorities, how would you know if they are in balance?” When creating balance in your life, you have to first understand what is most important and what adds more value to your business. Creating a list of items you have to finish for the day or week, will help you navigate what is most important.rack

2. Track Your Time

Tracking your time, both professional and personal, is extremely important. Nicole says, "tracking your time helps you gain more visibility on how you are planning your days and also shows how much unproductive time you have." Realizing how you are using your time is crucial. While responding to emails are important, you can unintentionally spend the whole day working on one task. Creating a schedule that allocates specific time for answering emails will help ensure you are able to get other important tasks done.

3. Surround Yourself with Support

"Ensure you hire a good team, a weak link will bring you down," says Nicole. It's important to hire employees who are self-starters and excellent communicators. Not having clear communication with someone may create more work for you. It's important to find a team that clearly understands their tasks and work objectives.

Interested in hearing the other great tips Nicole shares? Listen to the full SCORE Webinar: “6 Tips to Help You Juggle the Stresses of a Busy Life”.

Bridget Weston Pollack
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