4 Trends Every Business Owner Should Be Watching Now

In the recent SCORE Webinar, “Eight Trends Every Business Owner Should Be Watching Now,” journalist Rod Kurtz gives tips on how small business owners can garner success by taking advantage of the current business trends.  While it’s important to remember all trends may not work for every business, Rod says it may be beneficial to at least try them. “If they work use them, but there’s only one way to find out.”

Below are 4 trends Rod suggests business owners should be watching.

Content, Content, Content

“Every company is in the content business,” says Rod. If you are starting a business or new to creating content, Rod says it is perfectly okay to start small because “not every company needs a newsroom.” Creating content is a great way to: keep current customers, engage with new customers/clients and add value to an organization online. When thinking of ways to create content, think about your own media consumption. How do your favorite brands engage you and what kind of content do you find relevant? Answering those questions will help you shape content to provide to your audience.

Relationships are More Important than Ever

Companies merging together to grow their company and product is on the rise. It’s important to remember a few factors if you choose to merge your organization:

  •  Understand your company culture and objectives. When merging with organizations, you can lose control very quickly. Having a firm grasp of your company culture will help you.
  •  Be patient. Finding the right merger can take time.  Be patient and wait until you find a partnership where all parties involved can benefit. “If it doesn’t benefit both parties you’re setting yourself up for trouble,” says Rod.

Daily Deals are Here to Stay

Daily deals are very popular, so much so that companies are now creating their own deals online for their customers. Rod believes it’s important for companies to “get clever and see what works for them.” Using social media to engage with your customers will help you determine what deals will work best for you. Trial and error is the best method to see what kind of deals work and don’t work for your business.

Make Sure You’re Ready When the World Comes Calling

“Traditional media still has a lot of value and carries a lot of weight with customers,” says Rod. While there is a lot of focus on online media, it’s important to still take advantage of traditional media. Make yourself and your business “media-friendly.” Many businesses are not prepared to handle media coverage, something that can hinder their business success.

Staying up-to-date and current on business trends is a great way to set your business apart from competitors.

Interested in hearing Rod’s other tips? Listen to the full webinar here.
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Bridget Weston Pollack
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