Content Repurposing: Less Work, More Reach

Repetition also increases (for a while) the authority and believability of what you have to say. Listeners go from awareness of the message to understanding to trust. Yes, the step after that is annoyance, which is the risk the marketer always faces. Seth Godin

Fresh content is a critical part of effective marketing. But who has the time to blog and post and broadcast and tweet while running a business?

The good news is that there are ways to get more mileage from your existing content by repurposing what you have on hand into other forms. 

Rather than mindless repeating, repurposing content is useful in many ways:

  • Good for SEO – Google spiders love consistency; and by delivering your key terms repeated in various forms, you are more likely to rise in the ranks.
  • Get above the noise - Over time, repetition will create awareness in the minds of prospects.
  • Deliver content in the form that the viewer wants - By transforming printed words into visual and audio content, you are able to appeal to different communication styles.
  • Less work – By reusing existing content, you can keep your message fresh and evergreen with less effort.  And you are able to focus your message thoughtfully, rather than producing content for content’s sake.

The first step is to take your existing content and then look at the many ways you can restructure the same ideas into multiple forms:

E-books / White Papers:

Don’t be too intimidated by the “book” term. The current trend is towards short books of 25-30 pages that can be easily read in an hour. The point of an ebook or white paper is to treat a topic with some depth and originality. Include stories and examples as a way to illustrate main concepts (which can be peeled off for use in other forms). (Ebooks are also a great incentive for building your mailing list.) You can easily create a PDF format but also consider converting your book to e-reader formats (at a cost of approximately $200-300) and posting on Amazon to reach an even larger audience.

Presentations, Webinars and Live Events:

Presentations can be easily shared after the event on services such as Slideshare and Prezi. Consider recording the live events in video or audio form and using these digital records to create podcasts, audiobooks or videos. Or you can set presentations to music and narration using apps like Camtasia. Written transcripts can be repurposed into articles or even ebooks.

Blog Posts and Articles:

Blog posts and articles can be grouped together into a series and even bundled into an ebook format. Look at creating accompanying Checklists, Templates and Tools.

Social Media:

After creating longer content pieces, extract tantalizing facts, stats, provocative questions and post onto Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn. Vary hashtags to attract different audiences. And look at lifting different visuals from existing work or creating new graphics of key quotes, stats, etc. for use in Pinterest. Now that you have so many types of content, here are three final tips:

  1. Push it out via your email newsletters.
  2. Crosslink between pieces (this helps with SEO and reader engagement).
  3. Use an automatic scheduler for your website and social media (such as Hootsuite) to pepper your content throughout the year.


Jeanne Rossomme
<p> Jeanne uses her 20 years of marketing know-how to help small business owners reach their goals. Before becoming an entrepreneur, she held a variety of marketing positions with DuPont and General Electric. Jeanne regularly hosts online webinars and workshops in both English and Spanish.<br /> <a href="" style="line-height: 1.385em;" target="_blank"></a><span style="line-height: 1.385em;"> | </span><a href="" style="line-height: 1.385em;" target="_blank">@roadmapmarketin</a><span style="line-height: 1.385em;"> | </span><a href="/author/jeanne-rossomme/all-posts" style="line-height: 1.385em;" target="_blank">More from Jeanne</a></p>


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