3 Tips on Marketing for Your Future and Not Your Present

In a recent SCORE Webinar "Marketing for Your Future and Not Your Present" SCORE mentor P. Simon Mahler shared tips on how business owners can incorporate new marketing strategies that can benefit their small business today and tomorrow. When marketing your business, you have to be consistent, unique, and actively engage with your customers.

Below are three marketing areas Simon shares that can help small businesses.

Get Online

“Your website has to grab the emotional component. It needs to create a peace of mind and tells your story,” says Simon. Having a website with few words, more pictures, and customer testimonies are a great way to build an online presence. When you have a web presence, you go from reaching a typical customer base to becoming global. Take advantage of modern technology and use it as a way to reach customers you may have not been able to reach any other way.

Face to Face Matters

The mentor urges people to stop selling their business and start adding value to those around them. “The minute you start selling your business, is the minute you stop growing,” says Simon. Be a difference maker to those around you. Helping the business next door to you by sharing tips on how they can attract more customers, will help your business. When you help others grow, they will help you grow as well.

Customer Relationships

Customers are more willing to purchase from a business if they have read a positive review online or received a recommendation from a family or friend. “If you do a great job, put it on your website,” says the mentor. Simon says it’s important to capture those positive stories and share them with the world. It's important to remember, when you open your business to feedback,it’s important to value the positive and negative criticism. “Don’t be the one hard to take criticism. Let them tell you what is wrong or right with your product or service and value their feedback,” says Simon.

Interested in learning more marketing tips to help your business grow? Listen to the full webinar "Marketing for Your Present and Not Your Future".

Bridget Weston Pollack
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