B2C Content Marketing: Publish Often to Engage with Customers

B2C businesses, you’re on the top of your content marketing game. In our latest content marketing infographic, we’re looking at best practices for consumer-serving businesses.

While 86 percent of business-to-business marketers use content marketing, business-to-consumer firms come in at 77 percent for content marketing use. But B2C marketers take advantage of a wider range of content types, including e-newsletters, articles, illustrations and photos, videos, and even in-person events. Blogs, of course, rate high on the list -- 67 percent of B2C businesses maintain a blog.

Why is content marketing so important to build business? 70 percent of customers prefer to get information about a company from content rather than through advertising. Businesses are responding: 48 percent of B2C firms publish content daily, or several times per week. Customers want a steady stream of unique information about a business’s offerings -- not just the same ad design over and over.

The ROI on content marketing is all about clicks. 65 percent of B2C content marketers want to convert visitors on their website, and clicks from shared content are five times more likely to result in a purchase.

One major aid in content marketing: using a tag management service to streamline the analytics, affiliate, conversion, and other tracking codes on pieces of content like blog posts or videos. A tag management service can provide more agile tracking for web content, and cut down the time you need to spend on your site performing tedious tasks. 47 percent of content marketers reported better campaign measurement and 33 percent reported better campaign ROI as the primary benefits of using a tag management service.

Is it time to reevaluate your content marketing strategy? If you’re not measuring the return on your various marketing channels, sit down with a SCORE mentor to discuss ways to maximize your marketing efforts. Download this month’s infographic for more details.

Bridget Weston Pollack
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