Be Creative With Customer Engagement Strategies

How do you know that your engagement strategy with your fan base works effectively?

When your customers love something, they often connect to their favorite social media platform and share their experience, which is an important stamp of approval. They tell a brand story and share a brand message, sometimes even better than the brand ever can.

When your customers tag photos, they can help your business reach an entirely new audience on social media platforms.

You don’t have to be a big brand to get this traction

How do you help your fans on social media platforms endorse you? Have you seen any business do this cleverly?

We have always heard the phrase “engage with your fans on the social media”. This works properly when done right. If you really want to make an impact then start out by listening to them. What lights them up? What content do they love to share? Following fans enthusiasm leads to more reach, engagement and shares. From a customer’s standpoint it’s all about “what’s in for me?”. Start off by giving your customers an experience that they can share.

Let's look at some of the traditional and creative engagement strategies that work better than others, and how you can help your fans on social media market your brand:

  • Just like many coffee shops, your food and beverage business can offer free wifi to your customers, which can often bring customers back to your business in case they need access to free Wi-Fi. This can only lead to more sales because it's very likely they will order at least a beverage or snacks while they use your resources. Oh, and don’t forget to include a sign “free Wi-Fi” so they know that you offer it. Sometimes when customers sign on using free Wi-Fi, they first check-in their location, most likely your business, on their favorite social media platform.
  • Post a promo in a form of a word or a short phrase for the shoppers to use to collect their free limited time offer incentive with or without a purchase. Not only this gives customers a reason to visit your business, it also helps you measure the social media marketing strategies so that you can repeat what works, continue to grow your target market or fan base and increase customer engagement.
  • If you know that most customers enjoy shopping at your business or online store and mostly leave with a positive experience, include a short preprinted message on the receipt that says “like us on social media” and/or include “tag us and share your shopping experience”. Even if 1% of your customers share their experience on the social media then that still puts a huge marketing impact. Again, it helps you measure your marketing strategies. Often the same people also become a fan of your business page.

Technology has become a vehicle that drives the word of mouth experiences to social media. Social media is a vehicle that drives it to search engines and search engines cater it to the customers.

Raj Tumber
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