How Blogs and Social Media Work Together

You may have heard that blogging will increase brand exposure and potentially grow your customer base. But how exactly does that work?

When you blog consistently, you are creating fresh content more often than just updating your website once every few months. Every time you post new content on the internet, the pages are indexed. This means automatic content finders called spiders or web crawlers, such as Googlebot, Yahoo Slurp and Bingbot tell search engines a new page is on the internet. The spider then takes the freshly found content back to its search engine where the content gets indexed. More new content means your brand appears on Google more.

How do blogs help with social media?

Once you have this new content, you can re-purpose it on your social media accounts. Think of your blog as the content source and social media as another form of content distribution. Posts on Facebook or Twitter also count as fresh material to be indexed by search engines. While Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+ are popular sites, choose social media channels based on your objectives. You may need more audio and video-based content sites, such as YouTube, iTunes podcasts and Vimeo. You can also embed video from YouTube onto Facebook, Twitter and others. Fans and followers can share your posts which takes your blog content even further.

People often post photos and text updates on their social media page because it’s quick and easy. But if you also blog, remember to use that content too. You can also use your social media posts as material for blog entries. Recycle and reuse your content in as many ways as possible.

Use the built-in analytics tools in social media networks to learn what content attracts fans. You can also determine what social media posts lead to your website. Measuring what works will help you strategize on where and how often to post on various social media channels.

Creating new content doesn’t stop at your blog. Reuse your material on social media networks to gain more brand awareness and more customers.

Raj Tumber
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