Increase Sales by Expanding Your Professional Network

As a small business owner, you’re often juggling so many tasks that you may not find the time to expand your professional network. Developing and maintaining a strong professional network can be key to your business success.

Expand your professional network to access decision makers and identify new business opportunities.

1. Tap Into Your Existing Network
Make a list of your personal and professional contacts who may be interested in helping you expand your business. Reach out to friends, family, and past and current colleagues with a well-crafted email message to inform them about your business. An email can seem impersonal but it isn’t pushy and doesn’t put your contact on the spot. Ask friends and colleagues to share your information with anyone they think may be interested in your services. Make sure to include your contact information and a link to your website.

2. Use Social Media to Connect
Use online networking sites to connect with other professionals. On LinkedIn, join one of the numerous groups to post content that showcases your expertise and offers value, while learning from others. offers a variety of like-minded individuals. Create an introduction video about you and your business for your YouTube channel. Create or join a relevant Facebook group or page.

3. Join a Professional Group
Join a local association or chamber of commerce to develop relationships with other business professionals. Do an online search to find organizations close to you. Attend a few events and determine which network seems appropriate for your business. Get involved with upcoming events, be a featured speaker, or become a sponsor.

4. Offer a  Free or Low-Cost Seminar
Have you ever seen advertisements from real estate agents offering home buying workshops? Use that model to expand your network. If you run a social media agency, invite small business owners to an event on using social media best practices. This is a great strategy to identify people who are seeking your service and allows you to demonstrate your business expertise. 

Rochelle Robinson
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