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To be successful in any business, Step #1 after deciding upon a product or service is assessing whether you will sell enough of it to make your business "go." This article explains how to step through such an assessment simply, without loads of information and in as little as 10-20 minutes. Try it out or get a SCORE person to help walk you through it.  No charge, of course.



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How to do a business plan, in lay person terms and in 4 easy steps. Explained in roughly 4 pages. Learn how to do it right and without a great amount of stress. A more detailed article is available about this. Just ask us how and where to find it. 


Planning a “WINNER.”


Business Plan template sources from SCORE, Western Washington SBDC, Palo Alto Business Plans and other business plan information including an Amortization Calculator to provide monthly interest and principal payments for the life of the small business loan.

How to do business in Washington, DC with information related to taxes, regulatory issues, training, market information and events. Link:

Create a Business Plan

I recently accepted a buyout from my former employer and have decided to go into business for myself. A number of people have suggested that I consider buying a franchise, as opposed to starting something on my own. Are franchises a good bet?

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