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My brother-in-law and I have been discussing going into business together; we’ve yet to decide what type of business. What advice do you have about the pluses and minuses of going into business with family members?

I’ve owned a decorating store (paint, wallpaper, window coverings, etc.) for more than ten years. Though we’re operating at a profit, it’s getting harder and harder to compete against the large home improvement retailers. Am I fighting what is inevitably a losing battle?

I’ve operated my own successful optometry practice for more than a decade. Recently, I learned that one of the large chains will be opening a location not far from me. What advice can you offer to help me combat this Goliath?

I run a small and quite successful marketing/public relations firm. Recently, we’ve been approached to take on several new and larger-than-usual clients. I’d love to work with them and grow the business, but I’m also a bit wary of the impact doing so may have. Am I overreacting?

My commercial refrigeration sales and service business has been doing well since we started last year. In addition to our own customer and financial records, our system holds the service information on our customers’ equipment. I worry about something happening to this data. How can I protect it?

I started a lawn irrigation company two years ago, and despite a challenging economy, we have done quite well. Everything seems to be running smoothly, but I’d like to know what I should be doing to ensure that continues.

I own a beauty salon and have developed a small line of hair care products. I’m currently only selling them through my own shop, but am thinking about marketing them more widely. Do I need to trademark the name and, if so, how do I go about doing that?

I started a medical records transcription service about six months ago, which I operate from my home. Business has been very good. Recently, a client brought up the subject of business insurance. Do I really need it and, if so, what type of coverage?

I’m a freelance writer who specializes in the high-tech industry. While my work is highly regarded by my clients, my biggest challenge is keeping a steady flow of work coming in. Any advice on how I can accomplish that?

I run a small, independent tax preparation service. Though my competition is the large, well-known national chains, I can’t compete on price. However, I offer more personal service and individual attention to my clients. What can I do to retain my clients and communicate the benefits of doing business with us?

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