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Like most businesses these days, my florist shop is feeling the pinch of reduced revenues. What can we do to survive the recession?

I recently started a financial consulting business and will be attending a number of conferences where potential clients are likely to be. How can I best take advantage of these opportunities?

I own a successful industrial manufacturing firm. Though not huge, we employ almost 100, including plant, office and sales staff. I constantly read about companies having their IT systems  compromised by hackers, wreaking havoc with their business. What can we do to prevent that from happening to us?

I’ve run a successful secretarial service business for a number of years. I think I understand marketing and do a fair amount to promote my business, but recently I keep hearing about “branding.” What exactly is branding and how do I do it?

I started a catering business about two years ago. We did very well initially, exceeding my expectations, but our growth seems to have stalled in the last six months. While it’s easy to attribute that to the overall poor economy, I have a nagging feeling there’s more to it. I’d appreciate any advice you can offer.

My tool and die business has grown to the point where managing the employees has become a hugely time-consuming function, leaving me hard pressed to find time to do the sales, marketing and other vital functions. Is there a way I can outsource some of these human resource tasks?

I own a small, successful architectural firm and, despite the economy, we’ve got a decent backlog of work. However, for the first time in our history, cash is a problem. What can I do to improve cash flow?

I own a small, successful plumbing business. Since the beginning seven years ago, my wife, who was at home with our young children, did the bookkeeping. Now that the kids are in school, she’s planning to go back to work full-time in her field of training, psychology. We’re not large enough to need a full-time bookkeeper, so I’m considering outsourcing. Any tips you can offer?

I own a downtown restaurant. When we opened six years ago, we were quite successful, but over the last year or two our momentum seems to have stalled. We’re still profitable, but barely. What can we do to resuscitate the business?

I own a very successful small commercial printing business. I’ve been at it almost five years, have lived, eaten and slept the business since the start, and think I’m beginning to experience burnout. What can I do restore some sanity to my life?

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