All sales contracts should be in written form for delivery of products or services.  Clearly outline and detail as needed what each party is agreeing to do.  Anticipate areas of confusiton or points of potential conflict.  Provide a recourse (rememedy) in case the agreement is not followed. 

Title:  On your business letterhead have a title such as "Contract for Construction"  or "Sale of ____ Product"

Names & addresses of all parties;  Who is the customer and who is to be billed for service or product.

Business Plans can be very short in the number of pages for a start-up business and will be more detailed for an emerging and established business that needs to grow.  This outline is a short six-page version of the topics that need to be considered for your business.  Not every topic will always apply to your particular business.   Download a copy with the link provided.

A Business Plan is an important document for your business.  It needs to be written by you.  You need to know who is your customer before you start.  The Business Plan is your roadmap to guide your business venture.  The major sections of every business plan are:  Company Description,  Products & Services,  Marketing Plan,  Daily Operations,  Management & Organization,  Personal Finances,  Startup Costs & Capitalization, Financial Plan.

The small business owner may have very few if any other officers in the business and will have to be the Chief Operating Officer.  This organization chart illustrates the management responsibilities.

The small business owner has to excel in time management to spend quality time working "on" the business in marketing, operations, finance,  and outsourced ancillary services as the chief operating officer.   If the owner spends too much time working "in" the business in only one sector with little attention to other sectors, problems will occur.  Read an excellent book by Michael E. Gerber called  "The E Myth Revisted".

Common Start-Up Costs that would apply to most all business ventures.  These are expensed during the first 60 months of the business in equal amounts like straight-line depreciation

Common Start-Up Expenses that occur prior to first date of being in business


If you don't have your financial plan in order, you're not ready to start or grow in your business venture.  Use this valuable tool to get an expert view at the financial strength of your company.  

Be sure to bring this document to your mentoring session.  Or you can also take our Financial Statements workshop in the Los Angeles area to help you get going.

Ready to start your business?  Use this business plan template to get you going in the right direction.  

After you've gotten started filling it in, don't forget to schedule a mentoring session to go over your progress.  Or attend one of our Score LA Business Plan workshops to get an even better start!


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Clients or counselors submit your favorite templates or tools to share with other aspiring entrepreneurs.  We need additional items to help other visitors to our site.  


An Excel Workbook of 21 Worksheets that develops a three year financial plan or financial projection example. Produces balance sheet, sample profit and loss and cash flow statements template. It will help you make those Go/No Go decisions. User provides source data in first six worksheets and the program generates the balance of the projection.  Directions are available in two ways: Blue boxes on a specific page, or, comments within a specific cell.   Formulas in this workbook are locked but can be unlocked with the code "1234", but, be careful to save a copy if you change a formula.

This is a powerful tool in Microsoft Excel. A user should have some knowledge of Excel and accounting or have some help to maximize the use of this Workbook. The first six worksheets are required to populate worksheets 7-21 with results.  These six are: 1) Startup Funds Needed, 2) Salaries and Wages, 3) Fixed Operating Expenses, 4 & 5) Projected Sales and Cost of Goods Sold for four (4) products/services, and 6) Cash Receipts parameters. 

This business plan is a generic model suitable for all types of businesses. However, you should modify it to suit your particular circumstances.

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