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Tips on finding your most loyal clients (who will feed you well): I guess I’m really not sure how smart our dog Abbie is. I mean, of course I’d like to believe she’s the canine Einstein (a great name for a rock band, by the way). But really, how can you tell? It
Your Brand Brainstorming Worksheet Brainstorming brand ideas is an essential step to developing a unique brand that truly reflects your business. If possible, bring in others to help — whether that's your business partner, your spouse or your employees, if you have them. The more people put their heads together, the more
The Print Marketing Collateral Every Business Needs As you get ready to open for business, make sure your new startup has the print marketing collateral you’ll need to make connections, educate customers and promote your business. Using today’s technology, you have the ability to create and print many of these pieces in-house. 
Are you struggling to generate enough leads for your small business? Maintaining a full pipeline of leads is every small business owner’s challenge. Here are some ideas (ranked from easiest to more complex) to help you attract more leads. Ramp up the phone calls. I’m always
Advertising your business can cost big money. Fortunately, the Internal Revenue Service recognizes these business expenses and allows you to deduct the cost on your taxes. Increased advertising is believed to boost sales and generate more taxable income in the future. Here are a few advertising
Everyone knows they need to market their business to reach potential customers and drive sales. But if your marketing efforts aren’t guided by a thoughtful plan, that time and energy might be wasted. Instead of trying to conquer your corner of the business world by marketing everywhere
9 Ways to Bolster Your Offline Business Reputation Much like location is everything in real estate, reputation can be everything to a small business. Reputation is one area small firms have always felt they can beat out even the biggest competitors. And on the flip side, when your reputation suffers, so do your sales. 
In this engaging, informative webinar, USA TODAY columnist Steve Strauss shares a dozen ways to grow your business - without breaking the bank! Everything from new digital options like pay-per-click and content marketing to some old-school ideas like contests and co-op advertising is covered.
From high-visibility, high-impact initiatives such as improving your website, to everyday tasks such as how you answer the telephone or request customer feedback, marketing is interlaced into virtually every aspect of your business. Yet, in the rush to generate sales revenue, many
Although a website is an anchor for many companies to conduct business online, it’s not the only way for prospective customers to discover your company and make a buying-decisions. In fact, in many cases, your website may be the last place where people first find your company. Social

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