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Building Your Video Marketing Strategy A successful video marketing strategy does two things. First, it promotes your product or service off your website and attracts new customers. It also improves conversion and engagement on your website.
Video Marketing and Your Business Video is a fun and easy way to drive sales, boost engagement and build your brand. It's increasingly becoming a must-have instead of a nice-to-have asset in your marketing toolbox.
In the SCORE online workshop, “Content is King,” Rieva Lesonsky, columnist and CEO of SmallBizDaily, highlights the growing importance of content marketing. She offers tips on creating high-quality content to increase website traffic and engage more customers. What is content
Digital content is the first product you provide to your customers, make it stellar! Every business needs strong online presence—not just ecommerce companies: 87% of in-store shoppers look for information online before they ever come into your store.  The content you serve those
Conferences, thought leaders, and business service providers are always advising against numbers to collect.  “Big data”, “analytics”, “metrics”, “running by the numbers”… these are all the latest buzzwords for running a modern,
Guía de Plan de Marketing Un plan de marketing bien diseñado puede ayudarle a crear conciencia sobre su negocio, atraer más clientes y aumentar las ventas. Use esta guía para desarrollar un plan de marketing de 12 meses e intégrala al plan de negocio de su empresa.
In today’s digital landscape, you’re fighting for your customers’ time and attention not only against other products, but also their friends, family, and favorite celebrities. How can a small business compete? Content marketing can be a way to cut through the noise —by
Disaster planning. Emergency preparedness. Business continuity. Whatever you choose to call it, the goal for any business is the same: To get back up and running in a safe, timely manner after a disaster or emergency situation takes place. Did you know there are simple steps you can implement
Internet users are a fickle breed. One day they sign up for your newsletter because they are interested in a particular topic, then spend the next weeks doing their darndest to bash away said newsletter whenever it plonks into their inbox. Newsletters can infuriate people so much so, that they
In this module, you will learn how to market your business by doing a competitive comparison, creating a product and services description, developing a pricing strategy, identifying your target markets and channels, outlining a marketing message, and learning sales basics. Download the 

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