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Ever wondered whether a particular prospect is worth devoting your full attention to? Watch this short video to learn how to quickly evaluate a sales lead using 5 basic parameters: budget, authority, need, time frame and size of sale. Using the BANTS system, how many of your leads
Your social media marketing and content marketing programs are buzzing along nicely. You’re doing everything right by analyzing your web traffic and watching the new leads grow each month. So what’s the next step? What is your plan to improve lead-to-customer conversion rates? After
9 Steps to Successful Lead Nurturing Daniel Kehrer offers 9 steps to converting your leads into customers.
8 Ways to Make Customers Love Your Local Business Daniel Kehrer discusses why and how to make your customers love your business.
As part of this month’s series of articles about getting better customers, I’ve been thinking deeper into what small businesses can do to better ensure they get better customers. Investing in your business is one of the most important things you can do to work towards obtaining
Attract More “A-Rated” Customers In order to get better customers, you need to speak to better customers – to their needs, their questions, their values, their ways of communicating. You need to get personal -- and very specific.  In our overcrowded, noisy world, better
We all want customers, but what we really want are BETTER customers. In addition to having better customers we want customers that value us for our products or services and want them at a fair but not necessarily cheap price. There are a few things you can do to ensure that your customers are
Get rid of unprofitable ones Think of your business as a warehouse.  You can’t possibly move in new products if your floor is covered with broken, dusty, obsolete items.  Before you can get better customers, you need to do a thorough “spring cleaning” of the
Rate your customers All of us want “better” customers.  These clients love our products/services, spread the word to friends and colleagues, suggest constructive improvements --- and pay us well and on time.  Adding more of these A-rated customers means more profits, more
In order to get better customers, let’s first look at how businesses get customers, overall. The common methods are word of mouth, online marketing, events, direct sales, advertising (print, TV, radio, bill boards). These common, tried and true methods are what most businesses use to ensure

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