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Click here to watch! How well does your website serve your business objectives? If you can't at least answer, "good," then this webinar is for you. Please join us as Danielle Tate, the founder of the website and author of Elegant Entrepreneur,
Every business website should have a “contact us” form that site visitors can fill in to make an appointment, request an estimate, jump on a free offer and otherwise turn into leads.  You may think the little stack of boxes with the “Submit” button at the end is, well
What’s Best for Business - Social Media or Website? What is the best option for small businesses looking to build an online presence?
Are you struggling to generate enough leads for your small business? Maintaining a full pipeline of leads is every small business owner’s challenge. Here are some ideas (ranked from easiest to more complex) to help you attract more leads. Ramp up the phone calls. I’m always
Everyone knows they need to market their business to reach potential customers and drive sales. But if your marketing efforts aren’t guided by a thoughtful plan, that time and energy might be wasted. Instead of trying to conquer your corner of the business world by marketing everywhere
3 Great Ways to Bring Your Business Online Whether your a successful small business or about to start one, taking your business to the internet may be the best thing for it. Why? Watch the video to find out. 
Recently I had the pleasure of speaking with Brian Edmondson, an author, speaker, and Founder/CEO of Internet Income Coach, an online business training and education company that shows business owners how to get more traffic, subscribers, and sales. Since
This free online business workshop will help you identify your company's target market by demographic, psychographic, behavioristic profiles as well as addressing other market segmentation techniques. Apply these strategies to your business or business idea with the worksheets provided in the
This free online workshop will help you learn tools that will enable you to promote your business more effectively through grassroots marketing, public relations, promotions, trade shows, and word-of-mouth techniques. In this course we'll also examine the marketing campaigns of
This free online business workshop will discuss one-on-one marketing tactics and personalization strategies, provide case studies of innovative, successful companies, help you develop your own strategy.  

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