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Quick Q&A: Getting Your Business Online The internet has become an essential part of everyday life—for work and play. As a result, there have never been more ways to get your business online. This Q&A provides some basic information that will help you decide what type of online presence is right for your business. The term
Lately I have been talking to seasoned sales professionals to understand their current techniques for getting new customers – and their use of social media as part of the sales process. Depending on the industry, social media may be THE communications channel (you get a response in tech
Increasing Customers: Low Cost Promotional Techniques to Find Customers Fairfield County SCORE provides tips for increasing the number of customers for your business.
Establishing an effective online marketing presence can be time-consuming and overwhelming, especially if you have a small staff. Here are some quick, simple, and free or affordable online tools that help maximize the results of your online marketing strategies. They’re proof that
In a perfect selling world, you’d collect a few major clients who would remain loyal forever and whose needs would never change.  You’d rarely have to look for new business.  Sounds great, except that in the real world, you have to consistently find ways to get new customers
According to marketing expert Jon Rognerud, the cost of the acquiring new clients (through advertising, marketing etc.) has tripled in the past three years. 1. It’s Getting More Expensive and Harder to Effectively Advertise In The Traditional Way - So Get Creative! Additionally,
Did your mother ever tell you that honesty is the best policy?  Mine certainly did, time and time again, when cookies went missing or homework went unfinished.  And over the years, the saying has proven itself to be true. By “honesty” I don’t just mean “not lying
I follow Jill Konrath and her sales tips because they are time efficient, practical and they work. Social media opens new channels of communications with clients and prospects. In theory you can contact almost anyone directly via his or her social media account. There are many anecdotes about the
How to Ring Up More Customer Referrals Customer referrals are one of the most powerful and lucrative ways of building business. While word-of-mouth gets you noticed, referrals are even better because the best ones bring purchase-ready customers or clients right to your doorstep (or website) complete with an existing customer’s
When it comes to small-business marketing, the focus has largely shifted to online outlets—with good reason. Email and social-media channels enable high-impact, cost-effective messaging. However, it’s important that your online efforts stay rooted in marketing basics. Here’s

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