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If your business relies on a great deal of cold calls and referrals, then you know the importance of properly qualifying prospects. Qualifying allows you to learn about your prospect and their needs in order to determine how your product can meet those needs. Business owners can save time by
Often when I am leading an owner workshop, the subject of sales comes up and the comments run something like this: "I'm not a sales person. I'm an artist (or an inventor or a writer or a scientist or ...). How can I outsource sales?" "I'm too busy dealing with the
EaaS — Executive-as-a-Service for Outsourcing the C-Suite Your company is anxious to get to the next level, or you’re facing a large deal and have little expertise in the area. You need to hire someone who can help your small- or mid-sized business thrive – or simply survive – in the coming months. In reality, you don’t need
Why You Need to Wow Your Customers We all want more clients. Heck, we probably even want to charge more. So how do you get to a place in your business where all of this can happen?
It’s January - that month when we all experience both the letdown of the holidays being behind us and the elation of the new year ahead with all its possibilities for how we will fix our business and our lives. One of the most important resolutions I ever made in my business life was
Did you know that almost half (40 percent) of teens have iPhones, 44 percent have tablets, and 72 percent of those tablet owners own iPads? This news, recently reported by CNET, got me thinking about trends, the holiday retail season and how both can affect your business. The holidays are a
Developing a Brand Sensory Package for Your Customers “Our success is a direct result of knowing how to market a brand and having the right people representing the brand” - Greg Norman Have you ever been to the Walt Disney World Epcot Center? When you walk in, not only are there
LinkedIn is currently the largest available free database of business people in the world today.  You can target and search for potential colleagues to meet almost any business goal you wish to accomplish. I started this series of articles by offering the reasons why your small business
If you’re an aspiring entrepreneur, the one skill that you should start honing (if you’re not already an aficionado at it) is being a great people-person. Not to say that introverts can’t be incredibly successful entrepreneurs - because they can - or that you have to learn
Developing Your Positioning Marketing Strategy “Knowledge is of no value unless you put it into practice.” - Anton Chekhov Developing a position marketing strategy is determining exactly what “positioning” is and why it is important. According to Wikipedia,

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