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The Emotional Components of Branding Advertising that evokes emotion makes businesses memorable in consumers’ minds and can create a loyal following if done right. When consumers are confronted with a decision about whether to buy or not, emotions from previous experiences create preferences that lead to decisions on what to
Your Brand Brainstorming Worksheet Brainstorming brand ideas is an essential step to developing a unique brand that truly reflects your business. If possible, bring in others to help — whether that's your business partner, your spouse or your employees, if you have them. The more people put their heads together, the more
Designing Product Packaging That Supports Your Brand Your product's packaging serves several purposes: to provide functionality (containing breakfast cereal, for example), to protect the product during transport and shipping, and to appeal to customers who are making a purchasing decision. Despite all of your marketing efforts, the product
Checklist: Employee Branding Employees are a critical element in conveying your business brand. It's your job to make sure they understand the value and importance of representing your small business.
Fine-Tune Your Brand by Identifying Your Business Niche Is your business’s brand too vague? “Generic” is the death knell for a small company’s brand. Today, when consumers and business buyers have so many choices available to them and are overwhelmed with marketing messages on a daily basis, your company needs a memorable,
Building Your Brand With Signage Whether you own a retail store, service business, restaurant or work from an office, your business’ sign is an important tool for building brand awareness. After all, if prospective customers can't see or don't notice your sign, they won't know your business exists. 
Print Marketing Essentials Print marketing materials—business cards, direct mail, brochures and more—are a vital element in your business brand. Yes, you need digital marketing too, but for best results, combine both print and digital methods. Consider this: In 2015, response rates for direct mail were
What’s the Difference Between B2B and B2C Branding? Marketing to a customer and marketing to a business hold different challenges. You still interact with a person in each situation, but the goals of B2B and B2C marketing vary.
The Print Marketing Collateral Every Business Needs As you get ready to open for business, make sure your new startup has the print marketing collateral you’ll need to make connections, educate customers and promote your business. Using today’s technology, you have the ability to create and print many of these pieces in-house. 
Click here to watch the presentation. In today’s hyper-competitive business world, establishing a strong brand and creative presence is important to ​any ​business success. Otherwise known as "intellectual property," brands, names, logos, artwork and designs can become the most

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