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Dude, What’s My Brand? Your glowing red tie that everyone can see from across a busy city street, the gleaming white smile, the perfectly pressed suit or designer pumps, the fancy name badge you always wear to try and stand out, the robust strides you take when you enter a room that creates an air of confidence are
SCORE Tip of the Week: Is Your Business’s Brand Still Working for You? SCORE's CEO, Kenneth R. Yancey, explains how to evaluate your current branding to assess whether it requires updating.
Taglines for Your Business Steve Strauss, founder of, explains why slogans are so important for your business and how to craft one.
Did you know that almost half (40 percent) of teens have iPhones, 44 percent have tablets, and 72 percent of those tablet owners own iPads? This news, recently reported by CNET, got me thinking about trends, the holiday retail season and how both can affect your business. The holidays are a
Q: What’s the difference between marketing and branding? And what are the core aspects of each? Last week, a very bright, hard-working and bright-eyed new entrepreneur came up to me and asked me point blank: so what’s the difference between marketing and branding? I was caught off
Brand assets, everything from business cards, stationery items to a website, are must-haves for a startup. Every brand asset should include your company name and logo, so make sure you have a lawyer trademark your name and logo, or at least do a quick search to be reasonably sure of trademark
I “Googled” myself for a recent workshop presentation I made for unemployed job seekers.  It was an advanced LinkedIn class and I hoped to show them how to use this tool to enhance their job search.  This was an exercise to demonstrate the power of LinkedIn profiles, and my
I remember a few months ago when I was watching TV and a new Charles Schwab commercial came on. I can’t say that most ads about investment banking are really that riveting but this one surprised me. The ad featured a young man who sported iPod headphones and encouraged viewers to “
Editing your writing on platforms is an important element to becoming a successful blog writer or content writer. Using the Yahoo Style Guide, which is the ultimate sourcebook for writing, editing, and creating content for the digital world, provides some recommendations of proofreading
Tips for Naming Your Product or Business Steve Strauss, founder of, shares tips for changing or establishing a name for your product or business.

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