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You know that content marketing is necessary to increase your brand awareness and attract customers. But what do you blog, tweet, or Instagram when you’re simply out of ideas? It’s a common problem for small business owners. Creating a marketing calendar for your business takes time
Creating a business requires endurance, creativity, passion, money and of course, customers! Devising a marketing strategy to reach those customers is just one step on your entrepreneurial journey.  SCORE has partnered with Canon to develop the “Simple Steps for Starting Your
Why ‘Test-and-Learn’ is a Great Small Business Strategy When it comes to creating marketing plans for launching new products and services, many business owners make important decisions based mainly on gut feel. They aren’t sure which tactics to use, so they pick something or go with a friend’s or colleague’s recommendation and plow
Building Your Video Marketing Strategy A successful video marketing strategy does two things. First, it promotes your product or service off your website and attracts new customers. It also improves conversion and engagement on your website.
Video Marketing and Your Business Video is a fun and easy way to drive sales, boost engagement and build your brand. It's increasingly becoming a must-have instead of a nice-to-have asset in your marketing toolbox.
Conferences, thought leaders, and business service providers are always advising against numbers to collect.  “Big data”, “analytics”, “metrics”, “running by the numbers”… these are all the latest buzzwords for running a modern,
In the future, thousands of businesses from around the globe will leverage a "content first" go-to-market strategy. "Content first" means that entrepreneurs in companies of all sizes are first developing content brands and building audiences, and then 
Selling is dead. Traditional selling does not work. Today's customers, be they millennials or baby boomers, are drowning in marketing and advertising noise. They're drowned in sales pitches. How can your small business compete? Join entrepreneur and best selling author Ramon Ray as he
How to Get More From Your Marketing Lists Many small businesses work hard to build a list of customers and prospects for sending email marketing campaigns, special offers, newsletters, updates and other messages. But most business owners aren’t using their lists to best advantage.
In this module, you will learn how to market your business by doing a competitive comparison, creating a product and services description, developing a pricing strategy, identifying your target markets and channels, outlining a marketing message, and learning sales basics. Download the 

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