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Conventional advertising whether through print or digital ads can be intimidating and expensive for many small businesses. But there are some “creative” alternatives to getting the word out that have big reach with relatively little investment: Daily Deals:
Low Cost Marketing Ideas Steve Strauss shares 4 low cost ways to market your business.
When it comes to the state of the economy, most people would agree that the number-one concern is how to create new jobs. Well, when it comes to creating new jobs, a new Gallup poll shows that Americans have more faith in small business than in any other person or institution. Respondents were
3 tips for landing a lucrative partner When I was trying to get noticed after I launched NuKitchen, the online diet service, I tried just about everything to generate sales. One sure technique that I ‘discovered’- which kept a pipeline of new customers coming in the door- was a
This webinar shares ten low-cost techniques for gaining customers and increasing profits. Presenter: Jeanne Rossomme, Owner - RoadMap Marketing Duration: 1 Hour About Jeanne Jeanne is committed to helping small business owners achieve their goals through direct, actionable roadmaps. She
“How” is Much More Important Than “What” Recently I received a pleasant surprise at my doorstep – a package of gourmet vinegars sent to me by a client in appreciation for a recent business model planning session. Opening the box I experienced that warm glow of
An elevator speech is a short introduction of who you are and what your company does in about 200 words or less. It should highlight your uniqueness and focus on the benefits that you provide. It is delivered in an enthusiastic upbeat way, introducing yourself, shaking hands, having eye contact,
To Podcast or Not to Podcast - What is a Podcast Anyway? What do you think about podcasts as a way to market my business? As the CEO of an online media company, I get asked that question a lot. First, let me explain what a podcast is. A podcast is a recorded audio file in an mp3 format

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