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It’s easy to fall into the trap of thinking these two areas aren’t connected. The reality is that ‘search’ is already baked into social platforms. As the 800lb gorilla, Google has made it very clear that Google+ is going to be a part of and influence its search results,
Tips for Getting Found Online “How can I get found on the Internet?” This is probably one of the most-asked questions among small business owners, and for good reason. The ever-increasing presence of the Internet as a marketing channel has made search engine optimization and marketing a priority for small
Is your website content rich?  And why does it matter? Great content captivates audiences and keeps them coming back to your website. It also fuels search engines (which are always on the lookout for new content) and can greatly improve search engine optimization (SEO). But what is great
SEO is a hot topic for any business, whether local or global. But I find SEO “tips” to be buried in slick-talking promises by SEO sales people, or confusing jargon from tech blogs. So I decided to reach out to a trusted source. Nicole Skuba is one of the founding partners of Blue Tree
So maybe you are tired of seeing stats about how local and mobile marketing is growing and why small businesses need to be doing more to capture these customers. Those statistics don’t lie, and it’s clearly necessary for SMBs to understand where to best leverage their online marketing
Search Engine Optimization doesn't have to be complicated and costly. There are several steps you can take to improve your search engine rankings that don't require experts and funds. Take this workshop to learn what you can do today to help customers find you online.   Go Daddy
Blogging is useful but also time consuming. Many owners do not have the time (or the writing skills) to consistently publish new content on a weekly basis. Outsourcing or hiring out this marketing task is often an attractive idea. But you can never completely hand over your company blog to an
Get Found Online; Maximize Your Presence Don’t let your small business get lost in the world wide web. Edison R. Guzman, SCORE Volunteer and owner of A&E Advertising and Web Design, will help you harness the power of the internet. You’re no longer competing with the
Health and Beauty: Online Marketing Attracts Customers A business website, SEO, SEM, email marketing and local search directories are essential tools in attracting customers to your health and beauty business.
Bar and Restaurant: Online Marketing to Attract New Customers Utilize all the resources you can, including a website, SEO, SEM, email marketing and local search directories, to attract customers to your bar or restaurant.

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