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Think about the last social or business gathering you attended.  What stands out in your mind?  Likely, it was a story relayed by someone you met or knew.  Stories are deeply tied to the way we capture information, attach meaning and retain data. Bottom line is stories capture
National Small Business Week was first celebrated in May 1963 to recognize the work of American small business owners and entrepreneurs. It’s a fantastic celebration of innovation, collaboration and perseverance. But The UPS Store doesn’t think one week is enough. They created the #
Trending Demographic: Don’t Forget About Men As you ponder business ideas and markets to target, be sure to factor men into your equation. While women continue to be the driving force of purchase decisions in most households, men are behind many of today’s hottest trends, yet marketers tend to forget about targeting this emerging
Click here to watch! You did it. You took the leap. You've been working on your own. You have customers who aren’t related to you. You, my friend, are an Entrepreneur — Capital E! Now, what's next? How do you find more customers? How do you market yourself and make sure
Fine-Tune Your Brand by Identifying Your Business Niche Is your business’s brand too vague? “Generic” is the death knell for a small company’s brand. Today, when consumers and business buyers have so many choices available to them and are overwhelmed with marketing messages on a daily basis, your company needs a memorable,
Every business website should have a “contact us” form that site visitors can fill in to make an appointment, request an estimate, jump on a free offer and otherwise turn into leads.  You may think the little stack of boxes with the “Submit” button at the end is, well
Click here to watch. More than 116 billion business-related emails are sent every day, according to market research conducted by Radicati. That equates to an average of almost 120 emails sent/received daily by each business user. This webinar, presented in partnership with Staples, will help
As its owner, you are your small business’s best brand advocate. Unfortunately, the way human nature works, your customers will probably be more influenced to buy from you if they find out about your business on their own, rather than via straightforward, in-their-face advertising. In fact
Are you struggling to generate enough leads for your small business? Maintaining a full pipeline of leads is every small business owner’s challenge. Here are some ideas (ranked from easiest to more complex) to help you attract more leads. Ramp up the phone calls. I’m always
Everyone knows they need to market their business to reach potential customers and drive sales. But if your marketing efforts aren’t guided by a thoughtful plan, that time and energy might be wasted. Instead of trying to conquer your corner of the business world by marketing everywhere

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