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Like a cool shot of air conditioning on a 90-degree day, when customers enter your storefront they are comforted by the prospect of free Wi-Fi. They may have a large video or photo file to upload or they are looking to perform that bandwidth-intensive application that
Networking has always been crucial to small business success, but the rise of social media has made it easier for small business owners to network without ever leaving the office. A new survey by small business community Manta found the vast majority (90 percent) of small business owners spend
Keeping your business thriving means always searching for new ways to attract customers. In today’s world, that means incorporating social media into your marketing and communications plan. Whether it’s through Facebook, Twitter or your own company blog, the value of social media
One of the more heart-warming stories to zoom around the Internet lately involves a young man, his dying grandmother, and a bowl of clam chowder from Panera Bread. It's a little story that offers big lessons about service, brands, and the human side of business — a story that
Seeking a meaningful way to spend a few spare minutes? Head on over to the TED website, which profiles some of the best thinkers and ideas out there right now. TED, if you’re not familiar, is a nonprofit devoted to ideas worth spreading. It hosts an annual conference that brings together
Image brought to you by HubSpot 1.  Inbound Marketing Costs 60% Per Lead Less than Outbound Marketing Outbound marketing or traditional marketing is on the decline according to expert marketing source Hubspot. Chasing customers via the usual route of print, television, banner ads as
Are you itching to start a business, but not sure what industry to get into? Then let the fact that school is starting shortly inspire you. By that I mean, consider starting a business that caters to the nation’s kids. Children of all ages have a lot of power in today’s world. One
If there’s one fundamental thing every small business owner needs to grasp about marketing it’s this: marketing a company, product or service is not a “one-way only” activity, it’s a two-way conversation. The digital media have not only expanded the reach of small
Oh, the monthly email newsletter. I could probably write an ode to this tried and true marketing device for no other tool provides such consistent marketing value. I use my newsletter to keep clients excited with fresh content, alert users of updates, promote items and to create a community for
Marketing a small business takes time, energy and money in varying degrees. Before you spend any of the three, it’s essential to first gain an understanding of what you have going for you – and against you. Take a Swat at “S.W.O.T.” A S.W.O.T analysis is a marketing

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