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Learn to Foster Customer Loyalty When customers can easily comparison shop online with a few mouse clicks, the notion of loyalty seems almost old fashioned. Your best customers are someone else’s most sought-after prospects. Big companies have adopted a fancy term for addressing the
Create Client Valued Content Summary: Regular, meaningful contact with customers and prospects should be the engine for generating new business for your company.   What? Quality Content that is Relevant and Useful Quality content is critical. You have one chance (maybe two)
Save Time and Build Relationships Summary: Regular, meaningful contact with customers and prospects should be the engine for generating new business for your company. This series of posts provides a guideline to quickly create a customer contact plan for your business.   When? Regular
Efficiently Driving Sales by “Touching” Customers, Prospects and Referral Sources You may, like many small businesses, reach out to important customers, prospects or contacts only when business is slow or when there is a customer problem. Customer contact may be personal, but often
Make Business Plans Easy on Your Customers My mechanic has me trained. When I take my car in for an oil change, he places a sticker in the upper left hand corner of my windshield to remind me what date and mileage I should have my next maintenance completed. But every once in a while, he
Networking Tips to Strengthen Business Relationships Have you sent anyone a handwritten note lately? Okay, so quit wrinkling your nose and thinking that the idea is so 90s. Hear me out. Sending notes is not just something that's “touchy-feely,” it’s about maintaining good
An essential tool for your marketing/sales toolkit I feel compelled to Yelp! I was in New York City on a family vacation this past week and I regularly used Yelp to find restaurants, open museums, directions and even shoe stores (I desperately needed new shoes when my feet started to yelp
Sales Lessons From Abroad I have been traveling in Asia for the past month and my travels took me to a country where few Americans have visited: Myanmar, fka, Burma. Although I was there on vacation and spiritual enlightenment, I couldn't help but be enthused and taken by the
When is it best to do-it-yourself or go with a pro? "We are seeing a surge in online video watching that is driven by a combination of broadband access, the increasing use of social networking sites, and the popularity of video-sharing sites," Kristen Purcell, Associate Director for
Earn a Reputation of Customer Satisfaction It's one of my strongest beliefs that being customer-centric is the key to market success and growth. And the best way to drive growth through customer relationships is to build an organization that is truly customer-driven. It's something

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