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Get Customer Feed Back for Increased Profit It may seem a little obvious, but in building a customer-centric company, you really do have to ask your customers for their help. You can't do it in a vacuum and expect to succeed with any type of authenticity. You have to ask your customers for
Are You a LION or an Archer? As with all things Social Media, there are no lack of articles, case studies and statistics on the value of using LinkedIn. But what may be a bit more difficult to unearth are the few tips that make this tool effective for your particular business. Answer these few
Think about the places you frequent and determine why you keep going back? It can be as simple as the shop owner knows your name and acknowledges you every time you go. Being friendly or giving personalized attention always pays off. Giving a customer extra time or something that is not expected
Business is harder today than ever before and with high unemployment rates and families faced with financially challenging times, a business owner must think carefully about how to keep their market share. There are day to day issues that must be dealt with in business, carefully think about each

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