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SCORE Tip of the Week: Pricing Your Product or Service Bob Goedjen of the San Jose, California chapter of SCORE gives tips for creating a pricing strategy for your business.
One of the most effective ways to increase your sales is to track what works and what doesn’t, so that you can focus your efforts most effectively. Now you may not have expensive algorithms and a large sales team to track your progress but you can be just as successful by strategizing
Did you know that almost half (40 percent) of teens have iPhones, 44 percent have tablets, and 72 percent of those tablet owners own iPads? This news, recently reported by CNET, got me thinking about trends, the holiday retail season and how both can affect your business. The holidays are a
Bear in mind that although there is a handful of pricing model “archetypes;" the best pricing model is like a ready-to-wear coat taken to the tailor and adjusted to fit your exact body type. You may really be enamored with the success of another agency’s performance-based pricing
Sell an unbranded version or a private labeled version of your product or service in bulk. Create packages at three price points: One low price, low feature, entry-level package to get new buyers in the door. One high-price, high-touch, “luxury” package. And one highlighted,
When it comes to pricing your product or service, if you’re in the tech industry; it may actually pay to offer value for free. Before you label this as a “crazy idea,” spend a moment and look at the vast array of successful technology products that we depend on but are 100%
One of the best books I have ever read on pricing is Implementing Value Pricing: A Radical Business Model for Professional Firms by Ronald J. Baker. As the title states, the focus is on professional service firms; however, I find the main points and methods helpful for any company wanting to
So you’re building an amazing new product…it has a lot of value but the one thing you need to ask is, how much should you charge for it? Pricing a product or service can be challenging. After all, it’s how you’re going to be generating revenue. I’m an experienced
The term customer value is easily booted about but what does it really mean? I often use the model above to take a fresh look at the value delivered from a customer’s perspective. Total Customer Value: With every product, service or experience purchased, customers take away an
It seems like it should be easy. After all, you know why customers should do business with you instead of your competition. But why is it sometimes so difficult to put that into words written and spoken so the rest of the world knows it, too? One of the most important things to nail down before

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