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Blogging is useful but also time consuming. Many owners do not have the time (or the writing skills) to consistently publish new content on a weekly basis. Outsourcing or hiring out this marketing task is often an attractive idea. But you can never completely hand over your company blog to an
Still think Facebook isn’t that useful for your small business? Think again. New data recently released by Facebook shows local businesses are thriving on the social network. AllFacebook reports that Facebook’s director of small business Dan Levy says there are more than 2 billion
Like you, I am a busy business owner. Each day I am juggling my time between client deadlines, daily email responses and last minute emergencies. Posting on social media can often become one of those items that falls to the bottom of the to do list. So, after several months of being completely
Even if your networking is all done face-to-face, social media is the likely first place prospects will go to check out your background and credibility.  The following checklist will help confirm you are putting your best foot forward: All: Headshot: Invest in a professional photo
Lately I have been talking to seasoned sales professionals to understand their current techniques for getting new customers – and their use of social media as part of the sales process. Depending on the industry, social media may be THE communications channel (you get a response in tech
Simple Social Media for the Small Hispanic Business Entrepreneur LatinBusinessToday shares tips for using social media to grow the reach of your business.
Is your small business failing to fulfill consumers’ basic expectations about social media? Many small businesses start a social media campaign, maybe creating a presence on one or two channels, but then their participation drops to the occasional post or tweet. Or maybe you got really
Surprisingly I see much written about social media marketing: spreading brand awareness, reaching target groups, pushing out promotions, even efficient customer service. But one thing that is seldom discussed is the use of social media by sales professionals. And why not? After all, Facebook,
If you’ve been using Pinterest over the last year and a half, you won’t be surprised when I tell you that there have been some big changes. This is especially true if you’ve been using the site to market your business or to show off the work of your organization. Over the
The two most common reasons business owners give for not using or investing in social media are that they don’t have time and they don’t need it. This is because so much social media advice out there insists that every business has the same reason for using social media: to

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