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In my last blog post, I discussed Facebook’s recently released Graph Search, which integrates social data into a search to provide much more personal results, and how it has the disruptive ability to completely revolutionize local discovery.   One point in my last blog post that I
When Facebook announced its “Graph Search” in January, many people did not fully grasp the concept or its disruptive potential.  And this sentiment isn’t surprising.  Since it’s creation, Facebook has been known as mainly a social network, an online home for
There is almost universal agreement that being active on social media is good for most business startups.  It’s free, it generates buzz, and it connects you to customers and investors.  But managing multiple accounts can be confusing and take up valuable time.  And since the
Social media networks, websites and other online methods of communication allow large groups of people to interact and share information. It is easy to see that these media can be a great aid to you in generating followers and, ultimately, sales for your business. When thinking about social media
Know your objective.  Make sure you have a plan for what you hope to achieve with your Twitter account.  Everything you do - when you send your tweets, the tone of your messages, the people you follow, and so forth – should all be in alignment with the goals of your business
Generally the point of social media is to share and spread the reach of a particular piece of content. Most originators WANT their content to be liked and retweeted and posted. This builds the reach and the value of their ideas. Legally it is still fuzzy in terms of what is copyrightable in
By now you’ve undoubtedly heard that social networking is a useful, low-cost tool for building buzz about your new business. But with so many social media sites now available, how do you choose the ones that are best for you? Here’s the answer: read this quick overview of each of the
Social Media Word of Mouth The power of word of mouth in marketing a small business has been well-known for decades. In today’s online age, entrepreneurs are looking for ways to harness the power of connectivity across the Internet and social media to increase both the reach and frequency of word of mouth marketing.
Invariably when we talk about social media networks, the question arises: How should I manage my social media networks between my professional and personal connections? Do I use one profile for all social media networks? Or should I use separate personal and professional profiles (such as
The use of social media for a variety of tasks has increased exponentially in recent years because individuals and businesses alike are seeing the value. Not only does being active in social media help your business gain brand recognition, it also gives you the opportunity to put your

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