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While LinkedIn might be best known as the networking site for job hunters, it is also an important place for startups to develop and foster relationships that will help build your new business.  Here are some tips for startups that will help you make the most of LinkedIn: Establish
Are you engaging your customers in the social media space? Social media marketing builds brand awareness and develops customer relationships. Discover this simple and cost-effective method for launching marketing campaigns. Don’t miss this 1-hour workshop to learn the keys to success in
Social Media a fad? I am a customer who makes million-dollar decisions and I don't answer cold calls anymore. I rarely respond to solicitation emails or mailers. Social is really the best way to access me and win my business, because I feel like the salesperson is taking the time to make a
There are many social media platforms available. No matter which you choose to use, the heart of your social media campaign is the content you publish. Engaging content is what draws people to your business on social media websites. Frequent updates bring people back. Here are 40 content ideas
“I have written a business plan but I haven’t actually included word of mouth as a channel for marketing.” Isn’t it interesting that most people who are contemplating starting a business or who have written a business plan typically do not add word of mouth into their
Being active in social media can be a cost-effective ways for startups to build buzz about their new business.  Setting up and maintaining a company presence on Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter, and other sites requires no cash outlay, but can be useful in attracting the attention of
No surprise but research shows word of mouth—or recommendations made by others—is still the most effective way to win new customers. But exactly how do you influence or increase buzz? Here are five tactics that I have seen truly work for small businesses: 1. Remember to ask.
Many small business owners are still learning how to navigate social media, and it’s one of the most frequent categories for questions in SCORE mentoring sessions:  “Should I be involved in social media?”  “Is Facebook or LinkedIn better for my business?”
Creating buzz for your company Are you still wondering what actually is social media and how to use it to build buzz for your company, products, and services?  You're on Facebook and you've sent out a couple of tweets, but is it working for you?  It's because social
Social media posting in order to be effective needs to be consistent and responsive – two characteristics that can be hard to come by for the average busy business owner. But you can outsource (and many companies do) certain creation and monitoring processes, while staying in the

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