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Traits of a Great Employer Steve Strauss answers the question "What does it take to be a great employer? "
Best Practices for Negotiation Are you a good negotiator? Negotiation is crucial to so many things we do as entrepreneurs—whether it’s making a sale, hiring an employee, choosing a location or even something as simple as dealing with the phone company. How can you become a better
OK, there are a lot of good bosses out there too! Last week I blogged about the bad bosses. This week, let's look at the good ones. Take these cues and learn from the great ones. I recently heard this great-boss story:  A woman was about to start a new job when an unexpected medical
Despite these concerns, you can schedule a revitalizing getaway with some careful planning. For example, empower those in charge with your major concerns and allow them to make decisions. In addition, offer a list of professionals that can be contacted for advice, if necessary. Learning to delegate
One: Be a mentee first. To be a strong mentor you need to have been a mentee. At every stage of our professional journey, we can learn from someone around us with wisdom and experience in a new area. We can also mentor others who desire to learn from our perspective. Two: Be a servant leader.

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