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Cash Flow: The New Financial Reality As a retailer, what is more important to you, profits or cash flow? The initial response from most merchants posed that question is: “Profits, of course!”
8 Excuses that Hold Businesses Back When you’re running a business it’s easy to make excuses for NOT doing things and convince yourself you’re acting responsibly. But such excuses may be the very thing holding you back. If you want to do more than just get by you’ll need to stop avoiding action and start
When should you hire a writer? How should you work with a writer and how can you ensure you get the most value possible from your efforts? To get insights and tips, I had the great fortune to be able to speak with Matthew Holden, Director of Content Marketing for Online Writing Jobs: When
Strategies for Retail Success Grow Your Retail Business with Expert Advice Retail is one of the most popular venues for aspiring small business owners. In fact, more than 24 million people make their living via small retail operations, according to the U.S. Small Business Administration. But as rewarding as owning a small
You likely have many growth ideas and a clear long-term vision for your business. But how do you put that vision into practice on a daily basis? Without a roadmap you risk wasting time, money and never getting to your goals.   In this webinar, Jeanne Rossomme, owner of RoadMap
Finding the best ways to devise strategies for your business can be tricky. While we can draw from experience, business school models and going on your gut, using market surveys is always a staple in guiding business planning. Survey data can offer great insights for running your business and the
The customer’s shopping experience influences when they purchase and how much they spend, both in person and online. Make sure your website provides holiday shoppers with elements that improve their online shopping experience.   Join Go Daddy Web Expert Shawn Pfunder
As a seller, you many want to expand your business by serving overseas markets. This may be shipping your product to customers in countries outside of the U.S., manufacturing raw materials or selling component parts to a foreign company that will manufacture a product for sale. To sell goods
If you own a booming business, you might be thinking about expanding overseas. The opportunity is there, but before you jump head-first, it’s necessary to know the costs and benefits of expansion. There are several boons to expanding your business to an overseas market. The First
Once you move beyond the early stages of your start-up, when you’ve validated the business concept, researched the industry, created a basic company structure, and developed a sound business plan, it is time to think about your company’s operations and logistics – the details of

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