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7 Ways to Sidestep Slumping Sales Most small businesses face a sales slump at least once in a while. These revenue dips can occur for many reasons. Sometimes the overall economy goes into a tailspin, while seasonal dips are common in many industries.
If there's one thing all entrepreneurs have in common, it’s the ability to find the silver lining in any cloud. Sometimes, that saying can be interpreted literally—for example, entrepreneurs in my area of Southern California are already taking advantage of the coming El Niñ
If you own a B2B company, you know that the process of turning a lead into a sale can be long and challenging. What’s the best way to guide a prospect through the purchasing journey? A study of B2B decision-makers conducted earlier this year and reported in eMarketer offers some useful
The federal government and non-government organizations provide all sorts of information to help Veterans start and grow businesses. According to the Department of Veterans Affairs, veterans are 45% more likely than their civilian counterparts to become successful entrepreneurs. Getting Started
A hobby can often seem like a natural path to small business. You love your hobby, and you probably know enough about it that you could chat about your hobby for days. You’ve received compliments for your work. Could making money from your hobby be your next step? Not so fast! Turning a
When you're starting a new business, chances are you don't have a huge budget to work with. One way to trim your startup costs is by launching a business in a location that’s affordable due to a low cost of living, low tax rates or other factors. A new study by SmartAsset
Selling internationally can feel like the final frontier for your small business. You’ve mastered the market at home, you’ve got a great product, and you’re ready to expand! But even if you decide overnight that you’d like to take your business overseas, you won’t
To prepare for this post, I performed an online search for the phrase “how much should I pay myself?” I received a staggering 61.9 million results, clearly demonstrating it is a subject of much interest. After reading some of the articles and accompanying comments, I discovered it
Small business owners around the United States are feeling more optimistic than they have in some time, according to the Fall 2015 PNC Economic Outlook Survey. Do you share their sunny outlook? Here's some of what the survey uncovered. 25 percent of the small business owners surveyed
Whether your business is brand-new or a long-running venture, it’s important to recognize that it’s impossible to accomplish all your business dreams alone. You need partners to help you along the way. What kind of partner is right for you? It depends on your business goals. If you

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