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Most business owners are "yes" people. They say "yes" to new ideas, "yes" to client requests, "yes" to employee flexibility. These yes's are a natural consequence of a positive, can-do outlook. But there are some serious dangers to the "yes
Get More Adventurous with Your Company (The Good Way) Dr. Greg Bier explains why "ruts" are bad for your business and how to get out of them.
A few years ago I received an inquiry for services through the contact page on my website. The company seemed like a perfect prospect. The referral had come through a trusted source who knew the prospect and my work well. The owner was smart, ambitious and had already demonstrated excellent
Marketing & Identifying Your Target Audience “If you don’t see yourself as a winner, then you cannot perform as a winner.”  - Zig Ziglar “How do you market your business?” Many small business owners focus on creating the best products or services based
Are you scared to start a business? Many people are—and that’s natural. Fear is a sign we’re doing something different and new—and it doesn’t have to stop us from moving forward. But sometimes, it’s the lack of fear that’s a warning sign. If you
I started my business, probably like you, for a variety of reasons – many of them intensely personal. Most of all I wanted to be a good steward of my time, talents and treasure. I wanted the flexibility to be with my kids, yet contribute to the business world. I wanted to work with people
Mobile barcodes are spreading across our advertising every day, providing potential customers with quick links to product pages, buying channels, and enhanced promotional content.  But what’s happening outside the world of advertising?  Mobile barcodes are really a platform that
When it comes to running your business, do you believe in “going with your gut?" Or are you the type of person who likes to research, assess and analyze every option before you make a move? Personally, I’m the former. But whether you’re an information-seeker or operate
As we approach the holiday season, many businesses make the mistake of assuming that gift buyers will simply purchase their normal portfolio of products and services. The marketing of gifts, however, is different than the marketing of items for self-purchase. Gift givers typically have
Among the many hats small business owners wear, one of the most challenging is that of CFO. In a recent Intuit survey, 25% of small business owners listed “paying my bills” as the top concern that keeps them up at night. Additionally, cash flow (33%) and financial planning (24%) were

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