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A survey earlier this year by Travelers Insurance found that nearly half (48 percent) of small business owners lack a disaster plan or business continuity plan for their companies. Are you one of them? With hurricane season still bearing down on much of the country, fires flaring up elsewhere,
Now that you’ve decided what you want to learn from your survey, it’s time to create the actual survey. Before you get into the creation, there’s one simple tip to keep in mind: Keep it respondent-centric. To encourage engagement, your respondents need to feel invested in the
Owning your own business comes with a lot of joys and a lot of responsibilities. One of the toughest parts, however, is keeping all of the balls in the air on a daily basis. How can you take care of all the details, while still taking care of your customers? One way to help you keep a
SMB owners have hundreds of questions they’d like answered, in order to better run their business. Does being pet-friendly give me a competitive edge over the other boutique down the street? Should I be launching new variations of my product every year, or only when I have a major change to
You can’t do it all alone! This saying is especially true in small business marketing. There are many situations where partnering with another service or company to jointly “hawk your wares” would produce better results than if you were to simply market on your own. If you
I love yoga for many reasons; one reason is that it’s a highly individual form of exercise that can be tailored to any body type or fitness level. Yet, when I find myself in a group yoga class I often find it difficult to remain focused on my own yoga practice instead of envying my neighbor
Small businesses need simple, productive, and cost efficient communications solutions to help run their businesses.  This can best be achieved by utilizing communications services that are “hosted” in the network and require a minimum amount of equipment at the business location
Cloud computing gives you a new way to access many different types of software, no matter how small your company It seems that everyone’s talking about how cloud computing is the answer to all your technology problems—and, depending on your problems, it may be. But before you
I know, everyone wants a cloud. That’s so sexy nowadays. But most people couldn’t even tell you if they have a cloud – or where it lives or what it really means for their business. Basically, moving into the cloud means you are freeing yourself of hardware that you
The economy may be improving, but its effects aren’t yet trickling down to younger workers. Thirty-two percent of 18- to 29-year-olds in the U.S. workforce were underemployed last month, according to a recent Gallup poll. That’s an increase from March and higher than this time last

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